Great Granules Pvt. Ltd.

Specialist in Crumb Rubber Granules production for sports and turf and in-fills
New Era Mills Compound,Mogul Lane, Matunga (W). Mumbai-16, India.
  • Are you facing problem of quality in your Crumb Rubber granule ?
  • Is your supply inconsistent ?
  • Is there Fiber in your Crumb Rubber ?
  • Is your Crumb Rubber consumption high due to poor quality ?
  • Is your site suffering because of non-delivery of Crumb Rubber granules ?
  • Is there a lot of dust in your Crumb Rubber ?

We offer specialised Crumb Rubber granules for Turfs, Sports and in-fills.

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Our crumb is made from truck tyre and not car tyre. Higher tensile material leads to less degradation and longer lasting.
No Fibre content. Granules look much better and clean cuts.
Higher natural rubber content and low ash. Provides extra life to the granule.
Produced from Eldan machinery (Scandinavia) giving clean cut material with sharp edges. Helps in turf grass to stand straight.
No Dust Contents. Ensures no microparticles are inhaled by players.
  • 97% on time delivery.
  • 100 plus satisfied clients.
  • 50 year old group.
  • 99% reoccurring clients.

Our Clients

What our clients have to say about us

We have been using crumb rubber granule from Great Granules plant since last 3 years. Their Quality of Granules for turfs, in-fill and sports is the Best as there is No Fiber present and granules have clean cuts with straight edges.
- Priyanka Goyal, Syncotts.
I had visited the Great Granules Plant before placing them our first order. They had Installed an Eldan Crumb Plant, Manufactured in Scandinavia. They were using Truck Tyres to manufacture Crumb Rubber Granule. This made their granule quality 30% stronger and long lasting.
- Mr. Vishnu Das, Surekha Exports.